Lost your Audi radio code?

Lost your Audi radio code? No problem, just enter your serial number and we will have your code super fast! Audi radios and navigation systems are protected with a special anti-theft code. This radio code ensures that the radio cannot be used by unauthorized persons. Your radio will not work without the code and access to the menu is disabled.

When do I need the Audi radio code?

You need the radio code when the battery is removed, the radio is disconnected from the power supply or when a replacement radio is bought and the code is not provided. In these situations, the code must be re-entered to use the radio again

What do I need for the code request?

To supply the right code we need information about the radio. For example, the serial number can be found on the stickers on the radio or is engraved. In some cases, we need the model number found on the same sticker. Problems finding the correct serial number please feel free to contact us or send a picture of the radiolabel. We will then select the correct code as quickly as possible.

Your radio code is guaranteed!

We are specialists in decoding radio’s and have decoded many Audi radios and navigation systems in the past. That’s why we are certain that we will provide the right code for your device. We give a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If the radio code is incorrect or we can’t provide the code, the full purchase amount is refunded.

Audi radio code support.

We support all Audi radios and navigation systems and we can provide the original code for your device. Most important no difficult procedures or hardware-based adjustments to your device are required. We provide the Audi radio code super fast! Also during the weekend.

Audi radio/nav models we support


Audi car types we support

A3,  A4,  A6,  A2, TT,  80, 100 2019.