How long will delivery take?

We send your code as soon as possible. Usually in couple hours. We send your code in max 24 hours.

Can I request a code via the VIN of the car?

No, we can only request a code via the radio’s serial number.

Where can I find the serial number?

To find the serial number, the radio or navigation must be removed from the car.

What happens if no code can be found?

If the radio code cannot be found, you will receive a full refund of your cash.

My code does not work?

If the code does not work, something has probably gone wrong. Please send us a picture of the serial number and your order number to check this.

Do you deliver codes during the weekends?

Yes, we will send the code asap!


What payment methods are available?

We support Apple Pay, Credit Card and Paypal right now. Is there a payment method missing? Let us know!

> I did not receive the code!

We try to send the code within 24 hours? No code received? Please check your spam folder or contact us.